American Eagle Outfitters In-Store App

Project Background:

American Eagle Outfitters want us create an interface for their in-store applications. Leverage your knowledge of mobile user interface design principles and best practices to create an in-store focused iOS or Android mobile app for American Eagle Outfitters. This app should essentially be an in-store shopping companion for customers.

Project Process:

Firstly, our team conducted user research using the following methods: 1) survey questionnaire - to identify key features the target audience needed in the design of the in-store app; 2) interviews - after identifying target users, we interviewed them to understand how they shopped in-store; 3) usability testing - as we creating prototypes, we observed how users used them and how they completed tasks, which helped used them and how they completed tasks, which helped us refine the protoypes through each stage of iteration.
Secondly, based upon the user research, we figure out some core ideas to generate sketches for in-store app with convenient functions like shopping list, fitting room key generator, sharing photos with friends and etc. and show it to target audiences.
Thirdly, we create visual camps and create a functional Axure prototype.

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