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Project Background:

For the course final project, I create an interface that will enable users to make an appointment with professional chef to cook for you in your place. The interface is for the Apple IOS system based application. This project aims to create a convenient way for users to make an appointment with chef, also communicating with their chefs wherever they want.

Project Process:

Firstly, I am doing research for the competitor brands, and analyze both advantages and disadvantages perspectives that help me to generate ideas and common sense for this particular area. Secondly, through the analysis of both benchmarks and the mass merchandizes digs out the target audiences and create a questionnaire for them. Thirdly, according to the research, I draw the sketches for the app’s basic framework, process workflow and show it to audiences. Fourthly, I create some visual camps and a functional Axure prototype.

ChefChoice Online Axure Prototype

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