Pittsburgh Food Bank | Volunteer Brochure

Project Background:

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank distributes nearly 2 million pounds of food every month through our network of member agencies and direct distribution programs. The need to arouse the attention from audiences who are willing to become one of their volunteers. The volunteer brochure has not updated for a long time, and they want the brochure design matching other promotion materials like their website. Based on their requests, our team create a more consistent design layout by using visual communication principles.

Project Process:

Firstly, ur team communicate with the food bank team and visit their place to learn about their whole process. Secondly, we research the target audiences and find out their demographic information. Thirdly, according to the research, we create sketches and make each page consistent. Fourthly, our team using Photoshop, InDesign to create a new brochure design.

Food Bank Volunteer Brochure